Review of Pep Indo Enhanced Kratom Capsules

01 February 2014

This is an honest product review on the Indonesian enhanced Pep Kratom capsules, written by kratom expert and enthusiast Whitney M. Segura.   P.E.P. Kratom Product Reviewed: Pricing: I believe that the Pep Indo enhanced kratom caps are a bit overpriced, and could be a little bit stronger, in my opinion. Overall Rating: 4/5   […]

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Captain Amsterdam

Fenugreek EGCG Green Tea Extract Liquid Detox Expelit Capsules on Sale

Consumer Review of Captain Amsterdam Kratom Brand Products

Posted on 28 December 2013

Captain Amsterdam is a household name among enthusiasts of nutritional products from nutritional supplements to homeopathic remedies and we must say for good reasons, too. The company has dedicated itself to providing customers with products and services that address their special needs in health and wellness. Read this real Kratom consumers and distributor product review, […]

Finding Kratom Suppliers

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How to Find Wholesale Kratom Capsules?

Posted on 10 February 2014

Kratom capsules are gaining popularity, and many are wondering just where they can obtain wholesale kratom capsules.   This is a fair question, of course, and there are actually several ways. Before we jump into that however, let’s have a quick discussion on what kratom capsules are, where they originate from, and the controversy surrounding […]

Green Vein

Green Vein Extra Strength Kratom Shot Product Review

Posted on 09 April 2016

Consumer Product Review: Green Vein ‘FEEL GREAT’ Minor Muscle Pain Relief Kratom 2 FL Oz (60ml) Shot Bottle   Information Taken Direct from the Bottle Labeling: Our Green Vein drink is formulated with some of the most exotic ingredients on Earth. Our Green Vein inspired herbs and extracts are all natural from the forests of […]

Kratom Danger Awareness

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed but Not for Safety

How to Use Kratom Products Responsibly and Safely in 10 Steps

Posted on 25 February 2014

Learn the best techniques and methods used before, during, and after using any botanical kratom products or accessories, by following these 10 easy, but crucial, steps.  Being safe while using kratom dietary supplements is imperative, while it’s been confirmed by many science officials and government authorities, that kratom itself is not harmful, when consumed in proper dosages. […]



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